Outstanding rural internet capabilities

within a region creating a world class Agritech sector

Cornwall is pioneering new technologies

and creating a world class Agritech sector

By 2050 the world must feed 9 billion people. To meet this demand, we need to make changes to the way food is produced whilst ensuring the environment is protected for generations to come. Agritech is responsible for addressing these challenges and shaping the future of agriculture.

Cornwall is demonstrating why the UK is regarded as a Global Centre of Excellence for Agritech Research, Development, and Innovation. Agriculture is in the DNA of the region.  For generations, innovative farmers and producers have capitalised on the regions climate and natural assets, resulting in particularly strong Dairy, Grassland and Speciality Cropping sectors.  The region’s Superfast Broadband connectivity provides unrivalled internet connectivity, making the region one of the best rurally connection regions in the world.

Cornwall is pioneering new technologies with the help of internationally recognised research and development institutions; Rothamsted Research, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter. These, bolstered by Duchy College – a leading educational facility, provide the perfect balance of research, education and expertise to grow or launch a successful Agritech business from Cornwall. This offer is further enhanced by the South West Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence, based at the iconic Goonhilly Earth Station, capitalising on the region’s expertise in Satellite Applications, driving innovation and research into Agritech.

Abi Rule

Inward Investment Consultant

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