Tales of the Unexpected: Commuting in Cornwall

8th August, 2017

In the second instalment of our ‘Tales of the unexpected’ series we will continue to provide clarity on connectivity, this time diving into the realities of commuting in Cornwall.

Thanks to the fantastic internet connectivity, many of the tech-led businesses in Cornwall serve a global client base, taking an almost entirely digital approach to project management and delivery. As highlighted in my previous article, Cornwall’s digital infrastructure means that businesses can connect to their clients from pretty much anywhere, however when the need to meet face-to-face does arise the region is not as far flung as you may have thought.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Cornwall’s geography means that the majority of workers commute into the office each day with Truro, Falmouth and Newquay representing the region’s largest business hubs. The jewel in Cornwall’s connectivity crown is undoubtedly Cornwall Airport Newquay. Located just outside of Newquay, the airport offers morning and evening return flights to London, allowing business people to travel to city based clients with ease.

“I fly from Cornwall Airport Newquay around once a month because of the convenience. I can leave Cornwall at 7:20am and I’m in London at 9.00am. I’ve been up to London done four meetings and then I’m back in Falmouth by half 9 which is fantastic, or if there’s a few meeting in London I will schedule them together and stay in London overnight, meaning I am more efficient with my time.” Allen Sanders, Sanders Studio

Ensuring that Cornwall’s infrastructure is able to support its flourishing business community is a key priority for the region. Cornwall Airport Newquay has gone from strength to strength and now flies direct to destinations across the UK and Europe, and offers an indirect service to the US and Middle East. Although changing, there is still a perception that setting up an office in Cornwall means changing down a gear and embracing a slower office life. This couldn’t be further from the truth for many of our our Brand Ambassadors whose expertise attracts some of the world’s biggest brands to the region. These businesses operate in global markets on a daily basis by capitalising on Cornwall’s digital capabilities, and making the transport links work for them.

In addition to a thriving airport, work is underway to transform Cornwall’s road network, focusing on upgrading the main A30 road leading in and out of the region. There is no denying that increased traffic does place a strain on Cornwall’s roads, however this is a challenge shared by most thriving areas of the UK and one that is being tackled head on.

Train travel is undergoing a similar transformation thanks to a £146m Government and Cornwall Council funded scheme. Almost 40 Intercity trains, which using the same technology as the Japanese bullet, are currently being built for Great Western Railway to connect London to Cornwall and will be in transporting commuters from 2018.

“I relish getting on the train early in the morning and arriving in London mid-morning when you know that you’ve managed to do three hours work before the working day has started. We are always going to be some distance away from the major cities in the UK, by plane, by train or by car and I think we have to accept that but that’s a very small price to pay for the benefits of living and working in Cornwall.” Martin Nixon, Founder Nixon Design.

If distance is putting the brakes on your move to Cornwall, the reality for most business people in the region is that although there are more miles to cover to reach client meetings in the capital, there are also a number of transport options to choose from and services are constantly evolving. Combined with superb internet quality, businesses in Cornwall can connect to work and disconnect to waves as easily as a commuter swipes their oyster card.

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