Cornwall: for the next generation

Cornwall is an inspiring, ambitious region for business owners to locate to – it’s a global centre for next generation business. It’s not just for anyone. It’s for innovators. It’s for people who want to challenge the norm. For enlightened businesses who are ready to rethink workstyle. For businesses who want a happy, more productive team. For businesses who want to thrive on innovation and flourish in a connected ecosystem. It’s for people who love where they work as much as the work they do.

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“Cornwall is open to new thoughts and ideas”

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“Our employees surf at lunchtime to recharge for the afternoon”

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Sanders Studios

“Cornwall has the ability to inspire innovative and disruptive thinking”

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Radix Communications

“There’s a ton of creative talent in Cornwall”

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Nixon Design

“Everyone strives for work/life balance - in Cornwall it’s a given”

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