Cornwall: Attracting next generation talent

A region cultivating talent, nurturing creativity and boosting innovation backed by a growing, collaborative technology cluster competing on a global scale

Invest in Cornwall

Cornwall is pioneering new technologies across a range of industries and utilising innovation to drive those industries forward. The region embraces forward-thinking, encourages creativity and provides the optimal work environment for you and your business. We invite you to join us.


Explore a region built on creativity and innovation, with immense connectivity, a thriving tech cluster and rich talent pool - providing a unique ecosystem for technology-led businesses


Become part of a region encapsulating leading minds in Healthtech and those pushing boundaries; bridging the gap between innovation, technology and healthcare


Cornwall is driving sector growth by supporting satellite launch, future flight and satellite technologies from one outstanding region


Immerse your business within a world class destination for renewable energy technology, offering everything you need in one dynamic region


We are uniting our agricultural heritage with the region's unprecedented rural connectivity capabilities and creating a world class Agritech sector


Be part of the South West aerospace cluster, one of the largest and most capable regions in the world