“We are in Cornwall because it allows us to achieve what we want whilst being in a fantastic place at the same time”

Sanders Studios


The constant ebb and flow of creative ideas, and solving clients' problems in a original and thought provoking way.


Sanders Studios has fully embraced the flexibility that Cornwall’s connectivity permits and does so without sacrificing any of its global ambition.

Delivering design-led branding solutions and interactive projects for clients around the world Superfast Broadband has transformed the way the Sanders Studios operates, particularly with overseas clients Collaborating with some of the world’s most discerning clients for 15 years

Creative ideas are the lifeblood of businesses in the Creativetech sector. The ability to take a client’s problem and solve it in a way that is original and thought provoking is crucial when operating in an industry that thrives off of ingenuity and imagination. Cornwall is home to a thriving community of Creativetech businesses, able to take glean inspiration from the region’s landscape, culture and community. Sanders Studios is a fantastic example. The creative communications agency delivers design-led branding solutions for clients around the world. Cornwall Trade and Investment’s Brand Consultant Sophie, met with Alan Sanders, Director of Sanders Studios, to capture his story and find out what the future holds for one of Cornwall’s leading Creativetech businesses.

“Having studied at Falmouth University I set up Sanders Studios with a friend and former business partner. We were both previously involved in architecture and design using 3D software as part of the design process. At that time 3D and CGI was in its infancy and we both identified a unique opportunity for promoting it as a service in its own right.” Alan’s entrepreneurial spirit is a mind-set shared by many of Cornwall’s creative and technology led businesses. “We are here because it allows us to achieve what we want whilst being in a fantastic place at the same time.” When combined with Superfast Broadband, the region’s ability to inspire innovative and disruptive thinking has led to a thriving community. Falmouth University is the UK’s number one arts university and produces highly skilled graduates in courses ranging from Animation and Visual Effects to Creative Advertising and Graphic Design.

Collaboration between thriving start-ups has also contributed to the success of Cornwall’s Creativetech sector. “The core of our business is essentially CGI and now we’re branching out into more film based and interactive projects. We are able to collaborate with other Cornwall-based Creativetech businesses such as Dog Bite, Buzz Interactive, Gendall and Side Ways to name a few.

It’s about finding those businesses that you have a synergistic relationship with and we’re lucky to have them right on our doorstep.” Having found its niche in visually-led design, Sanders Studios produces work for a diverse set of businesses ranging from architecture through to aerospace, advertising and marine. Alan attributes the company’s global presence partly to Cornwall’s connectivity. “Superfast Broadband transformed the way that we are able to operate, particularly with overseas clients. Effectively we are a global business.” Digital infrastructure here is better than most of the UK’s larger cities and the regions transport links are constantly improving. “Newquay Airport Cornwall has gone from strength to strength in recent years and it’s fantastic to see. I use the flight from Newquay to London Gatwick around once a month because of its convenience. I can fly up to London, fit in a full day of client meetings and be home in time for tea.” Sanders Studios has fully embraced the flexibility that Cornwall’s connectivity permits and does so without sacrificing any of its business ambitions. The company thinks globally, and its future ambitions are firmly in markets overseas, particularly the US. Cornwall may be where the business operates from, but its work is seen around the world. In fact, with plans for Newquay Airport Cornwall to introduce transatlantic connections in the near future, being based in the region could be the very thing that makes Sanders Studios truly stand out from the crowd.

Visit www.sanders-studios.co.uk to find out more about Sanders Studios’ work.

Interested in finding out more? The Sander Studios team will be exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week in London, one of the most important design festivals on the planet. Click here to get your tickets.


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